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Production 183 Treasure Island

Treasure IslandBy Derek Dwyer & Merlin Price

Performed on Wed 16th to Sat 19th December 2009 at The Kilshawe Theatre



The Cast

The Cast

Mrs Hawkins Nick Nicolaou
Jim Louise Friend
Cut-Throat Colin Georgia Smith    
Billy Bones Fred Sawyer    
Poop Deck Pete Elly Wilson    
Hook-Handed Harry Angela Jeffery    
One-Eyed Willy Mica Pinfold    
Squire Trelawney Duncan Currie    
Davina Charlotte Smith    
Blind Pew Kate Hibbert    
Doctor Livesey Linda Mewes    
Captain Smollett Mary Kettyle    
Bob Beth Kinden    
Long John Silver Neil Hornsey    
Essitant Enry Kate Hibbert
Ben Gunn Fred Sawyer
Chief Dyson Anne Henson
Kiri Lynne Frackleton
Dancers Alex Currie, Robert Frackleton, Owen Goodwin, Heidi Ludwig, Polly Ludwig, Dimitri Nicolaou, Suzi Nicolaou, Catie Peacock, Georgia Peacock & Mimi Peacock

Cast of Treasure IslandCast of Treasure Island


View the Gallery

View the Gallery




Treasure Island

Cast of Treasure Island

Players hit all the right notes with super panto

Audiences came away from the Guild Players 2009 pantomime performance of Treasure Island wanting more thanks to the acting and production skills of the cast and crew. The family-friendly show boasted an impressive cast, bursting with swathes of enthusiastic youngsters showcasing their dancing and singing talents. Stunning solos were sung by Jim Hawkins played by Louise Friend, Davina played by Charlotte Smith and Lynne Frackleton’s Kira, while the traditional comedy elements were strengthened by punchy dialogue skilfully tied in with up to the minute pop songs from the likes of Alesha Dixon. The script was written by Derek Dwyer and Merlin Price, and adapted by director Debbie Pinfold who injected a modern twist with gags based on current affairs and celebrities of the moment. Long John Silver, played by Neil Hornsey, was the archetypal crafty pirate, with tall stories of his time at sea, and a band of shipmates dominated scenes with awe inspiring dance routines. Spectators were glued to their seats courtesy of the elaborate choreography with colourful costumes, make up and tribal sounding pop music filled the hall.

Beth Easton
Published in The East Kent Mercury December 31st 2009

Production Team

Production Team

Director Debbie Pinfold
Producer Duncan Currie
Musical Arrangement, Effects & Choreography Debbie Pinfold
Stage Manager & Pyrotechnics Mike Pinfold
Stage Crew Cast Members
Set Design Neil Hornsey
Set Construction & Painting Duncan Currie, Lynne Frackleton, Neil Hornsey, Angela Jeffery, Beth Kinden, Nic Nicolaou, Debbie Pinfold, Erin Pinfold, Mica Pinfold, Mike Pinfold & Fred Sawyer
Lighting Ben Lesworth & Zac Powell
Sound Dan Britnell
Prompt Lynne Frackleton & Kate Hibbert
Costumes Carol Thomson & Demetra Nicolaou
Props Duncan Currie, Lynne Frackleton & Debbie Pinfold
Poster & Programme Design Debbie Pinfold
Advanced Booking Duncan Currie & Patsy Grant
Photography and Publishing Mike Pinfold
Publicity Management Duncan Currie & Debbie Pinfold
Publicity Leafletters Alex Currie, Lynne Frackleton, George Hudson, Alan Jeffery, Angela Jeffery, Beth Kinden, Mica Pinfold, Alexandra Rye, Gabriella Rye & Faye Rye
Front of House Coordinators Duncan Currie & Debbie Pinfold
Front of House Barry Barnsley, Vicky Barnsley, Letty Charge, Caryl Clark, Caroline Grant, Patsy Grant, Jean Green, Sam Hornsey, George Hudson, Alan Jeffery, James Peacock, Faye Rye, Steph Turner & Cara Wilson

Neil Hornsey as Long John Silver & Nick Nicolaou as Mrs HawkinsLouise Friend as Jim & Charlotte Smith as Davina













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