About The Guild Players

Who are the The Guild Players?

We are an enthusiastic amateur theatre group who aim to produce high quality stage productions


How long have the Guild Players been established?

The Guild Players was originally founded in April 1955 and has been entertaining the people of Deal since our first production in February 1956 


Who runs The Guild Players?

We have a committee headed by our Chairman and administered by our Secretary who comprise The Guild Players officers. The committee meets approximately monthly and there is an Annual General Meeting in January where members can have a say in how the Guild is run. All members of the Guild are eligible for selection to the Committee and to vote at the Annual General Meeting.


How is the Guild Players funded?

The Guild receives no external funding and is entirely financed by membership, weekly subscriptions, grants we can win, and ticket sales from our shows. 


Where and when do you meet?

Our rehearsals are usually in St Andrew's Hall, West Street, Deal. When we meet depends on the rehearsal schedule of our next production.


What sort of experience do I need?

You do not need any particular experience. We welcome people with a variety of different skills, experience and aspirations either on stage or behind the scenes. We are looking for actors, technical experience, administrative skills, make-up and costume skills, and to help front-of-house. There are many roles and skills that are needed to put on a production!


Are there opportunities for musicians?

Yes there are many opportunities for people who can sing, play an instrument, or are interested in choreography or musical arrangement/direction. 


What age groups are involved?

We welcome people of all ages who share an interest and enthusiasm in being involved in amateur dramatics as a hobby. Our members range from the young to the young at heart! 


As a newcomer how do I begin?

Feel free to come along and see us on a Wednesday evening or if you would prefer, use the contact email or phone 07712 290364 if you would like to talk to someone informally first. 


Can my kids get involved?

We are often looking for enthusiastic and committed children to get involved in some of our productions, especially pantomimes. 


What level of commitment is required?

Your level of involvement is entirely up to you. We encourage people to get involved as much as they can, and for as short or as long a time as you are able to commit. If you are cast in a production the commitment can be quite substantial. 


Where do you perform and how often?

We aim to produce two shows a year typically a Christmas show and another production in the spring or summer.


What size of audience do Guild Players shows attract?

We typically perform to audiences of approximately 80 but this can rise to 140


How long do you rehearse for?

We typically rehearse between 3 and 4 months and become more frequent as the show dates approach


How long do the Guild shows run for?

Typically our shows run for four nights from Wednesday to Saturday. We also perform an afternoon show on the Saturday during the Christmas show (the matinee).


How do I contact the Guild?

You can either email us via the website, phone 07712 290364 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Do I have to join the Guild to be in a show?

You have to be a guild member to perform on stage in the cast but not if you are involved in any other way.


How much does it cost to be involved in the Guild?

Annual membership (over 16 years) £15.00 (pro rata)
Annual membership (under 16 years) £7.50 (pro rata)
Weekly subscription (over 16 years) £2.00
Weekly subscription (under 16 years) £1.00

These costs are to cover the hire of the hall for rehearsals and public liability insurance.


What type of shows do you do?

We stage productions in many show genres including dramas, comedies, thrillers, pantomimes, and occasionally musicals.


Can I bring my children?

Our Christmas shows are fun for all the family. However some of our other shows may contain content inappropriate for children.